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NOL card

Another way the RTA gets the Advantage of the new technology is  through using NOL cards, which are used by people to travel in Dubai using several types of transportation. It works through the CICO system.

  • What  is a NOL Card?
The Dubai NOL Card is a travel pass that enables people to pay for the use of various different modes of transport in Dubai with a single card. People can use it to travel on Dubai’s Buses, Metro, and Water Buses as well as pay for RTA’s (Roads and Transport Authority) Paid Parking.

  • How NOL Card works?
Travelers use the NOL card by ‘touch & go’ the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) devise, which the report  previously explained it.  It is an electronic fare collection system based on Check-In-Check-Out (CICO). It works like a card reader.
‘touch & go’ means that all you have to do is simply tap your card on an AFC at the entry and exit gates of the Dubai Metro and Dubai Waterbus stations, at the entrance of every RTA Bus and on all RTA parking meters.
The NOL Card system will then automatically deduct the correct fare from your NOL card. The NOL Card is very quick and easy to use which means you no longer need to carry cash to get around Dubai city or other areas throughout the Emirate of Dubai.

  • Types of  NoL Cards:
   There are several different types of Dubai NOL Cards that are available so whether you are a frequent traveler or a just a visitor.
NOL Cards four t types :

  1. NOL  Silver Card

An anonymous card with an e-purse - Ideal for visitors and occasional travelers. 

2.  NOL Gold Card
An anonymous card with an e-purse that gives its holder privileged access to Metro’s Gold Class seats for premium charges.

A personal card with a secure e-purse - Ideal for frequent travelers.

A paper ticket which can be loaded with 10 trips and used only on one mode of transport at a time.

Nol card color
Max Credit
For use by
Nol Red Card
10 September 2009
90 days
10 journeys
Infrequent travelers
Nol Silver Card
20 August 2009
5 years
AED 20
AED 500
Regular passengers
Nol Gold Card
10 September 2009
5 years
AED 20
AED 500
Hoi Polloi VIP travelers
Nol Blue Card
15 March 2011
1-5 years
AED 70
AED 500
Students, Senior Citizens

  •   NOL card help the company (NOL Card Security):
   The NOL Card contains a tamper-proof chip and an antenna which allows both the card and the reader to communicate through radio waves via a wireless communication. This ensures a secure, fast and reliable transaction every time the NOL Card is used. The NOL travel card is also very well designed to prevent fraudulent use and to ensure the fares are calculated correctly every time

  •  Benefits of  NOL Cards:
   There are many benefits as to why you should get a Nol Card and this is especially the case with frequent users of Dubai’s public transportation system. The RTA introduced the Nol Card specifically for the public’s convenience in mind and to create a new, convenient way to travel around Dubai. Cash will not be accepted for payment to use the Dubai Metro, Buses and Water Buses.
  • Some other benefits are:
ü Affordable
ü Easy to use and top-up
ü Acceptable on Dubai’s Metro, Bus, Water buses, and Parking
ü Automatically calculate and deduct the correct cost of your trip
ü You can travel around Dubai and pay for parking using a single card
ü You no longer need to carry cash or worry about correct change
ü You will enjoy low cost fares and flexible transfers across different types of transport in Dubai
ü You can enjoy having special fares for different concession types of  NOL blue card (for Students, Senior Citizens and Disabled passengers) .
  •  The disadvantage of using NOL card ?
ü Using  NOL card just in one place in Dubai.
ü NOL card can’t be used to buy food and other things .